Empower researchers and democratize multi-cloud digital research

Achieve freedom and autonomy, create and collaborate on reproducible research using the RosettaHUB self-service infrastructure portal.

Self service portals

Fully customizable self-service portals for on-demand service delivery to researchers without the need to wait to contact IT services.

RosettaHUB Meta-cloud for research

Customizable IaC templates for one-click service access and delivery
HPC as a service on any cloud.

Collaborative data management and sharing

Manage and share datasets using public clouds object storages
Seamless integration with Amazon Web Service Open Data Registry, makes it easy to collaborate on research across teams.

Reproducible by design

Use IaC templates which combine virtual machine images, instance types, container images, cloud storages, reserachers to easily save and reproduce research outcomes.

Transparent view of costs

Insight into currently accrued costs by project and individual environments to manage budgets and charge-backs.

Management of research grants

Easily manage cloud research grants be it cash, prepayments or free cloud credits, easily distribute budgets to projects and team members.