Move fast to the cloud without compromise

Enrol your organization’s members in seconds, get real-time visibility on costs and resources, delineate budgets and control costs, enforce boundaries and compliance. RosettaOps is the only MetaCloud and SaaS platform for CloudOps at scale for AWS, Azure and GCP.

Attain up to 241% ROI by operating securely and safely in the cloud, at scale

Automated Account Management

Automatically provision and assign cloud accounts on AWS, GCP or Azure.
Get full visibility and control on all cloud account resources.
Analyze costs and adjust budgets using a decentralized approach.

Live Accounting

Delineate sub-budgets and enforce limits based on live accounting of usage and cost. No Risk of overbudgeting. Account ledger for all expenditure and end-to-end transparency/accountability. Grant transfer rights and enable decentralized budget management.

Automated Compliance

Enforce access control policies via RosettaHUB roles that limit access to regions, services, instance types, etc. Enforce custom quotas on cloud accounts. Automate private network management.

Fast onboarding

Assign cloud accounts to users or project in seconds
Keep up with the influx of users and the pace of organizational changes by recycling, purging, re-configuring and reusing cloud accounts.

Seamless Integration

Use the RosettaHUB unified cloud APIs and CLI to manage organizations, users, projects and cloud accounts across clouds. Enable Single Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0, LDAP, Oauth for a seamless access to the RosettaHUB platform.

Fully Customizable

Create custom views, cost and usage and resources dashboards, perspectives. Enforce perspectives on selected users or organizations.