Manage users & AWS accounts in a dynamic environment

Onboard an offboard users, provision and automatically assign, unassign and clean-up AWS resources. Preserve total budgets and manage AWS grants whilst allowing budgets to flow from one AWS account to another.

Give users a flexible sandboxed access to AWS

Define a flexible AWS sandbox for each user that aligns with the user’s role within the organization. Give users a federated one-click access to the AWS console and programmatic access via managed AWS access keys.

Avoid cost overruns and put AWS resources under control

Don’t wait for daily AWS billing reports to take action. Automatically comply with hard budgets for AWS sub-accounts thanks to real-time costs estimations and resources visibility.

Reduce barriers for migration to AWS

Use RosettaHub’s unified abstract model to easily migrate to AWS without AWS experts.
Allow users to use existing datasets from any cloud in AWS environments.

Share and collaborate across teams and organizations

Share AWS resources seamlessly using a simplified role based access control.
Collaborate on live AWS working environments and on building RosettaHub service delivery templates for AWS.

Harness Machine Learning on AWS

Use customizable RosettaHub templates to launch AWS machine learning workloads on NVIDIA GPU powered AWS instances.
Scale machine learning lab environments to hundreds of users in a few clicks.