What is rosettaHUB?
A revolutionary cloud-native platform designed to empower data scientists, researchers and educators who need virtual, collaborative and traceable access to data science tools and infrastructures

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Inside The RosettaHUB Platform





Inside The RosettaHUB Engines and Containers



Create data science enabled cloud resources

Leverage public clouds (AWS, GCE, Azure, .. ), private clouds and clusters with end-to-end, cross-environments, management consoles, APIs and SDKs. Use an embedded cloud credentials and permissions management framework enabling the effective collaboration and sharing of resources between different categories of users with and without public clouds accounts


Use simultaneously R, Python, Julia, Scala, Sql, Mathematica, etc. in a single IDE

Get access to R, Python, Mathematica, Sql, Jython, Scala etc. in one IDE with out of the box interoperability where data created in one environment can be used within the others seamlessly


Increase your productivity using interactive real-time collaborative workbenches and notebooks

Use a new generation of virtual collaborative workbenches, notebooks, and scientific spreadsheets with real-time collaboration


Access and manage your storage drives easily

Access, share and manage seamlessly storage drives be it cloud storage services (S3), HDFS clusters or data warehouses (Redshift). Use their native integration with the data analysis capabilities to share data and data science artefacts without effort


Create and distribute real-time interactive applications in no time

Turn R, Python or Spark analysis/applications into highly scalable/interactive real-time and collaborative web applications and dashboards in no time. Bundled with the description of the cloud resources they depend on they can be distributed as tokens for on-demand one-click instantiation and access


Run your production applications at scale

Run parallel computing based on events-driven, infrastructure-agnostic and feature-rich stateful engines. Use reactive programming to monitor, debug and generate static interactive reports


Connect and empower your local data analysis tools

Use your existing data analysis tools such as ipython, JupyterHub, RStudio, Shiny apps within rosettaHUB and get out of the box access to: (i) seamless and automated integration with clusters, clouds and data infrastructures , (ii) multi-user enablement and real-time collaboration, (iii) seamless integration in a CMS and social networking environment