RosettaHUB Virtual Labs

Create and launch Virtual desktops at scale

Configure and use your custom Amazon machine image

Share with anyone and collaborate on real-time

Use Amazon S3 and EFS for data persistence

Use spot instances to save on costs

Schedule tasks to run your labs when you need them

RosettaHUB Big Data Labs

Launch Hadoop and Spark clusters in one-click

Launch Cfn and Alces Flights HPC clusters in one click

Easily configure your clusters: choose apps, disk space, number of nodes, etc.

Share your labs with anyone and collaborate on real-time

Use Spot instances to save on costs

Docker Labs for Data Science and Machine Learning

Docker based virtual environments for CPU and GPU instances

One-click access to on-demand Jupyer, Zeppelin, RStudio and Shiny servers

Real-time collaboration and sharing

RosettaHUB NVidia-Docker based environments on GPU instances

Access to the RosettaHUB collaborative workbench for R, Python, Zeppelin, Scala, etc.

Rich API to interact with the docker containers


The RosettaHUB Cloud Governance Platform

AWS accounts management

Automated users enrollment and processing

AWS Accounts full life cycle management

Federated single sign-on and AWS console access

Full mapping of organizational hierarchy and responsibilities

Seamless accounts limits management and traceability

Budget Control and optimization

Costs and resources real-time monitoring and control

Management of user budgets' and AWS permissions

Safeguards and cost optimization

Seamless Spot market management

AWS grants full life cyle management

Compliance enforcement

Automated AWS accounts limits management

Detailed auditing and reporting

RosettaHUB management Web Services

Role based access control at the organization and the user level

Easy enforcement of allowed cloud regions, services, instance types, limits